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openmoji | opensource project 

Open source emojis


The project began as a semester project of students of interaction and communication design with the goal of developing the first comprehensive open source emoji and symbol library from a designer perspective. We want to create a library that contains a variety of emojis and symbols that can be used for different purposes. The extensive set and established guidelines have been published that the Icon Library can be used and further developed by many users under real conditions.

Since the goal of the course is a unified emoji set, the next step was to define a style that everyone should use. After a three-week test phase in which a lot of experimentation and development took place, we decided on certain guidelines.

According to these guidelines I have created 48 Emojis in the category

natural animals. They are birds, beetles, reptiles, marine animals.  


Here you can see some of them.

Open Source Library

To make the library accessible to all, a website was created. There is the opportunity to download all emojis filled or only as contour, as png or svg. You can also see the detailed guidelines and become part of the team or have a look at some examples and applications.

Also, there is a new web font and a new iOS app with which you can use OpenMojis on your mobile phone!

Feel free to download some emojis :) 

Emoji - Open Source
Prof. Benedikt Groß, Prof. Daniel Utz
4rd Semester - Winter 17/18
HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd
Interaction and Communcation
Design students
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Illustrator 
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