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loqui | language | Augmented Reality 

This project aimed to develop a product or an application that deals with the interface between man and machine.

learn languages subconsciously 

We decided to design an application that deals with language learning. In addition to a smartphone application, it is possible to integrate language learning into everyday life with the help of Augmented Reality. The application helps the user to learn a language more easily and with more fun. 


At the beginning of our research, we took a look at existing apps and websites for language learning. All apps have different structures but are similar. You are introduced to a foreign language, but it takes a lot of discipline to use it effectively over several months. To find out exactly what users expect from our product, we have conducted extensive interviews, including the learning behavior of the users. It turned out that for almost all of the respondents, communication with native speakers is the most important way to learn a new language. 93% of the respondents would like to integrate language learning into their daily lives. These findings are exactly the aspects that our application is linked to. 


Our application should be communicative, auditory, cognitive and visual to make language learning easier for the user. Also, the constant repetition of what has been learned is very important to memorize words and grammar. Another important point was the individuality because every user learns differently and also has a different knowledge of a language. Besides, the user can to manage his appointments and set up learning-free days. As devices, we use Augmented Reality glasses or in the future, an attachment for our glasses, to have the opportunity to integrate the language learning in your everyday life. To integrate the communication with native speakers, there is a language assistant, which talks in the learning language and repeats the words you have already learned.

Interface Design II
Fabian Gronbach
4th Semester - Winter 17/18
HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd
Emily Jäger 
Selina Bauder
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Illustrator 
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